The Chef’s Connection

The Culinary Director’s, Corporate Chef’s, Executive Chef’s, Pastry Chef’s, Chef de Cuisine’s and Sous Chef’s connection to contracts; and short term and full-time opportunities in the hospitality industry around the world.

Southern Africa  •  Middle East

The Chef’s Connection specializes in and focuses on the full spectrum of positions within the food and beverage industry.  We focus on sourcing talented, hard-working and passionate chefs to work on short and long term contracts in Southern Africa while opening doors for candidates with exceptional talent, and connecting them to career opportunities at different establishments around the world from eateries to Michelin Star restaurants.

Talented Chefs Looking For Work

Having your personal details passed around can be daunting, so we make it our mission to treat every application we receive as highly confidential and we never send out personal details without full consent from our candidates. We are honest and straight-forward by offering candidates as much information about a position and company as is available to us.

Looking For Talented Chefs

We are a specialist and experienced team and have SLA’s with many operations across Africa and The Middle East who use our services. Whether you are in need of a contractor on site or a permanent resource, we are able to source the exact skills you are looking for where other general recruitment companies might battle, especially on the more technical roles.