Palaces, Luxury Homes, Lodges, Yachts 

We offer a service of placing award-winning private chefs for palaces, luxury homes, private residences and yachts. We also cater for clients who require short term contracts of one to six months. We keep a team of 18/20 award-winning Private chefs on our team throughout the year so we can fill the demands on short notice.

If you are looking to sit back, relax and enjoy the show – our team of private chefs offers exactly that, in the comfort of your home, palace, lodge, villa, luxury residence or yacht. We offer skilled and talented speciality private chefs for all occasions, catering for both long and short term projects.

We are discrete, private, confidential, passionate and professional. We do not discuss any client, past or present. Our team has strict NDAs and do not carry cameras or GPS phones to work.

We prepare bespoke personalised experiences for you and your guests that will take you on a world class unforgettable, gastronomic food and wine journey.

We are a global team of specialized chefs with kitchens in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Dubai, London and Marbella, and travel to all cities worldwide. Our team is unique, skilled and passionate. We are focused on sourcing the perfect seasonal fresh ingredients and creating original custom menus. Our mission statement is to exceed expectations and provide a world class dining experience for our clients.

Our chefs excel in everything from creating the perfect menu to finding the perfect ingredients. They are skilled at selecting crockery, flatware, glassware. They have an eye for glamorous over the top table arrangements, a knack for kitchen management and planning. Our chefs are particularly adept at accommodating your daily schedule and your travel itinerary.